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28.01.2015 16:43
Posted by imopen703
so i will prabably be attending my first house party this saturday hope the people are nice and fun
28.01.2015 18:28
Posted by lifestylesofkc
everyone here is very nice laid back and fun.
29.01.2015 10:45
Posted by lifestylesofkc
I see alot of profiles on here that state they are lonely come join us this Friday And Saturday Night meet some new friends and it will cure the lonely problem .
29.01.2015 15:46
Posted by imopen703
does anybody know why everytime i try to click on a picture it says access forbidden
29.01.2015 16:25
Posted by lifestylesofkc
the way the pics work if you look at 100 then you have to wait for the system to roll back around
29.01.2015 16:38
Posted by imopen703
oh ok lol i was like every pic i clicked on said access forbidden i thought everyone was blocking me lol thanks for all your help maybe ill catch you at the party on saturday
29.01.2015 18:11
Posted by lifestylesofkc
ok sounds good